Debut of 47 Flicks! 47映画を紹介させていただきたいと思います!

Hi Everyone! We’d like to introduce the debut of our 47 Japanese Farms short film series, 47 Flicks. Below is a link to our first attempt, a 10-minute experiment based on our day trip to Shizuoka last week. Nowhere to go but up from here! Please let us know what you think. 皆様、こんにちは!私達は47映画を紹介させていただきたいと思います!最初は私達の静岡県への旅行についての映画でございます。

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4 Responses to Debut of 47 Flicks! 47映画を紹介させていただきたいと思います!

  1. ビーンハウアー says:


  2. Hi Im a holistic health coach living in Tokyo. I research organic foods, macrobiotics, and other health foods in Japan. I am currently looking for recommendations for farms that take organic produce orders and deliver.

    Do you have any resources you can share? Looking forward to learning more from you!

    • littlecannoli says:

      Hi Marina. A good place to start for finding organic produce delivery in Tokyo is the Marche Hills farmers market, where you can talk to CSAs directly and work something out. The market is in Roppongi Hills, and here is some infi:

      • thanks you for your help, I’ll check in Roppongi Hills !!! My Japanese is really limited but if you can keep an eye out for farmers that do this, I would really appreciate it. I already know of 2 places but I would like to post together an article about easy access to organic home delivery. I know lots of expats here who crave organic foods, but they are SO hard to come by in Tokyo.

        Safe Travels!

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